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Top 8 TeamViewer Alternative Freeware Software

If you are looking for an alternative of TeamViewer to connect and control a computer or mobile device remotely, then this article will provide you TeamViewer Alternative Freeware Software, which can be the best choice for similar software like TeamViewer.

TeamViewer Alternative Freeware Softwares are listed below.

 LogMeIn – Free Download

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LogMeIn is rated better than TeamViewer. Because LogMeIn is developed towards corporate users security issues should be considered most important. LogMeIn has adopted policies to allow users to select the various security mode to prevent unauthorized access to the system. The application creates a list of passwords used once only if you do not feel secure when using other people's shared computer or computers in public service.

In addition, the app has a feature that allows you to record all the remote session and save as AVI. And one more thing is LogMeIn supports most devices and operating systems are the most popular today, such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Blackberry.

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Splashtop - Best Alternative of TeamViewer

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This is one of those apps that can be the best alternative of TeamViewer. With  Splashtop remote statistics shows more than 14 million users worldwide. Yes! These statistics show the popularity of this software, right?

Splashtop Review.

Besides specializing in connectivity features and control computers, remote devices, users can use to create Splashtop remote or use the version of Splashtop that provides each different purposes.

Splashtop supports most operating systems and current popular devices such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.

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UltraVNC - Remote Access Tool

UltraVNC is a free open source software developed only for Windows operating systems. Besides the features of the connection and remote control software is also focused on developing the ability to communicate, as well as advanced data exchange features between Windows computers can connect to each other. Because the software is open source so UltraVNC supports a wide range of additional features and plugins users can access your computer remotely on platforms other than Windows through the use of a web browser.

Weezo - Turn your Pc into a secure exchange Spot.

Turn your Pc into a secure exchange Spot.

A freeware like Teamviewer only supports Windows operating system.Once downloaded and installed on the client computer, you can easily access your computer through a web browser without having to install additional software.

Additionally, after installing the client on a machine, you need to register a free account on Weezo from which can be connected and controlled from Weezy sites so you do not need to remember IP addresses client password or connect anything.

Chrome Remote Desktop

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Is a free Google Chrome extension for Google Chrome Browser users, Chrome Remote Desktop works similar to a remote application to connect and control remote computers independently, but on the Google Chrome tab.

How to use Chrome Remote Desktop?

Yes! It is easy as 1+2, the only requirement is that you must install the Chrome Remote Desktop on the 2 devices, as well as all devices connected to each other through the connection code or PIN used 1 time permanently.

Because Chrome can run on any operating system, where Google Chrome is installed.

Windows Remote Desktop

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A product from Microsoft, it is the built in of all recent versions of Windows and that is the reason that you do not need to install any additional utilities. There is no need to pay attention to whether it is compatible with Windows or not.

In order to use this feature, Microsoft requires that you are using Windows Professional edition or above.

AnyDesk - Windows Remote Software

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AnyDesk is free remote software has the same function of Teamviewer to connect and control remote computers developed by the Any Desk staff to provide the best alternative of TeamViewer. Basically, AnyDesk provides users to use four versions include AnyDesk Free Download, AnyDesk Lite, AnyDesk Professional and AnyDesk Enterprise.

Well! This was my short review about Teamviewer alternative, I hope these software like Teamviewer can help you to remotely connect with your need.