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TuneIn Radio – Listen to Your Favorite Radio Station in Windows 8

When the radio was invented, it instantly became popular among us. Then came television and later invented the Internet. And although it is now the Internet to help address many of the needs of our entertainment but radio and television do not lose their relevance and continue to develop.

Today, listen to your favorite radio station or watch television, you can not directly from the computer. Radio streams allow us to listen to stations belonging to different categories - music, humor, news, etc., from all over the world.
TuneIn Radio - pretty popular radio streaming application for listening to radio on Android devices, iOS, and Windows Phone. Is now available for Windows 8. It allows you to listen to various radio stations broadcasting from anywhere in the world. With this app, you can find a variety of stations, add them to your favorites and create a list for frequently listening stations to run them directly from the home screen.

How to Download TuneIn Radio for windows 8?

You will find in the Tunein Radio App at Windows Store. Open the store, search, TuneIn Radio and then press ENTER.
Now click on the icon in the search results to go to the main page of TuneIn Radio in the Windows Store. Then click on the "Install" button to start the download and install the application on your computer.

Download TuneIn Radio For Windows 8

Tunein Radio Review.

TuneIn Radio – Listen to your favorite radio station in Windows 8

The main interface of the application is very simple. The left navigation menu to browse radio stations by categories - local radio, music, sports, news, podcasts, etc. You can also view the radio stations belonging to the location and language. Just to the right of the program and displays a list of some of the local radio stations that you can start to listen.

Selecting a category on the home page will lead you to view subcategories and top stations of each selected category.
When you select a station, it immediately starts playing. Along with the name of the station, you will see the current artist, song title (in some cases, the album cover), as well as recommendations from other stations of the same category, which may appeal to you to taste.


If you want to create shortcuts for quick access to your favorite radio station, this can be done in two ways: you can either right-click inside the application while listening to the radio, to open the panel with the options from which you can mark the station as a favorite (as a result of station appears on the main screen of the app to the Favorites section); or attach it to the home screen.