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Turn Your Android Device into a Universal Remote - 9 Best App

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You must have a remote control at home or may have many remote controls across the table to enjoy the entertainment. From a remote computer or a PC, TV, CD, DVD, lights, car door locks air conditioning and so on.

But now you do not have to carry around many remote controls because there are now a wide variety of applications that can be embedded in smartphones, either using the built-in IR blaster or via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Here are The 9 Best Remote Control Application For Android Smartphones:

1. Unified Remote. That is used to turn your Android device into a universal remote via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network to control a Windows PC, Mac and Linux. There are more than 90 settings that can control computer applications with just a swipe. This application also allows the user to control the mouse and keyboard of PC remotely.

2. ZaZaRemoteMouse. This application is the same as the Unified Remote is used to control the computer with a tablet or Android smartphone. This application is used for simulation, magic track-pad, multi-touch gestures, function keyboard in landscape mode, enter the key combination, the media panel, adjust the volume or change the slide with the volume key device, spotify remote, application launcher and switcher, deadly or lull laptop, restart or log off from a distance and there are many more options offered.

3. ZaZaRemoteUsers can use their mobile phones for controlling all types of equipment that uses infrared. Database software can support the electrical equipment more than 6,000 brands and more than 8,000 remote control, which can be used when the internet was not available.

4. IR Remote Control. IR Remote Control that can be used for Android devices with an IR blaster that can be used to control almost any device that is controlled by infrared.

5. iR Xbox Media Remote. Applications Xbox allows gamers to use a smartphone or tablet as a remote control and a second screen for the Xbox One. Offers to the users display additional information for their games, TV shows, movies and other media, but it can also be used to manage the browser Xbox and Xbox Live with their accounts remotely. Another version is also available for the Xbox 360.

6. TeamViewer For Remote ControleTeamViewer provides remote access that is easy, fast and secure to your Windows, Mac and Linux. This application offers to the users with various functions such as controlling a computer remotely, supporting clients, colleagues, and friends, and users to gain access to the office desktop with all documents and installed applications, remote administrator computer unattended. All of these features can be enjoyed by the user without paying a dime or free.

7. Gmote. This application is used for smartphones and the other is a companion app for other devices such as tablets. Video player for the tablet will support a variety of formats. A remote for the phone can be used to play, pause, volume control, swipe and many others.

8. OpenRemote. As applications automating homes and control of various equipment including lighting, water heating, TV and the media center of the Android device. So if you are the person who loves to live in the smart homes then this application is for you. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

9. Playstation App. This application serves as a companion to the PS4 console users, allowing them to track their own gaming profile and others. This application also allows users to chat, receive game notifications and alerts, and even streaming games online.

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So, forget the remote controls because your smartphone has all these function due to these 9 best applications. All these application can be downloaded from Google play Store.