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Turn Your Hobby into Successful Business – Earn Money from Etsy

Turn Your Hobby into Successful Business – Earn Money from Etsy

Have you any creative hobby? Have you any idea to create any hand made products. If so this is for you to earn money from your creative hobbies. Here I will guide you to turn your hobby into a profitable business? Yes! Using the trading platform Etsy, you can create your own shop and sell your crafts throughout the world.

What Products Should Create To Sell On Etsy

  • My first advice is “Do something unique”. Etsy is an area with thousands of unique stores.  Make your product unique and attractive to come up with something new. You can look at what competitors are selling? Try to find out the main trends and develop products based on the information received. Here your main task is to create something so new, unique and original, that attracts buyers.
  • Create things that related to your hobby you like. Despite what you want, what would your shop was unique and new, it is important to continue working in your product and have a lot of money. The love of your work is reflected in the things that you create, so do what you really like. Here are two tips related to this.
  • If you have some unique ideas, create a list of possible things that you would like to create. Place them in, the list based on your level of knowledge before making a final decision.
  • Here is one important point that, do not limit you to one category. You are the owner of your store and you can do whatever you like. If you like to do many different things, do a lot of different things. Just be sure that all of your products have a common thread, that your store does not seem disorganized.
  • Know your customer. Despite the fact that you are doing something that you like, you should think about getting your things liked not only to you. Examine your target audience and what they are looking for in your product. What is the age range, gender, and occupation of your customers?
  • Start with few things. Here is the main mistake most beginners think, they need to have a large number of goods for sale to start trading in the store. You can make many products while waiting for your first sale. Just start trading with a small number of goods.
  • After some time, you can make your store full of your products, but in the beginning, it is better to focus on the finalization of the construction and design of your product and just home business processes.


  • At this stage, you have a great opportunity to learn something new and make some changes based on the feedback you receive from your customers.
  • Pay attention to Presentation. Packaging is as important as the product itself. If you sell your crafts in high-quality packaging with a nice logo, chances are you will make a good impression on the customer, and it will be your regular customer.

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Tips: Use wrapping paper, boxes, labels, tape, which will make your product more attractive for the buyer.

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  • After Sale Something: Write a thank you letter to your customer who bought something from your store and put it together with the goods. This can make good impression on your customer and customers will be captivated by the individual approach and likely to shop at your store in the future.

How To Create An Account On Etsy?

The process of creating your account on Etsy is quite simple. Visit the website, click "register" and fill in the fields.

Earn Money from Etsy

Tips to create a good user-name to attract more customers.

  • The main point you should note is to come up with the appropriate user-name. It will embody your personality on Etsy. It will also be part of your name URL and your brand name URL Choose carefully, because it cannot be changed later. Username set out as above should be easy to remember and easy to write that you have no difficulty when you'll share a link to your store to others.
  • Perhaps you will not always sell the same type of craft, so try not to make a name for your store too specific with your products. If your account was originally vintages, but later you stop sailing vintage products and start selling jewelry, it will mislead people.

Changing the account with the buyer to seller.

  • Etsy automatically assigns all new accounts to the status of "User", so you need to change your account settings to be able to sell their products. Log into your account, go to 'sell' at the top of the page and then "start" on the next page. To complete the process, you just need to enter your credit card number.

How To Setting u Your Shop on Etsy? 

  • Setting up shop. When customers visit your shop on Etsy, their first visit may be at your home page. On this page you can add text, a banner or personal information about your store. Try to make your store more professional.  Attractive Home Store will greatly increase your chances of the sale, so make sure the main page looks professional.

Make a banner with the name of your shop,

  • which will be located at the top? It must be relevant to the products that you sell. Fill tab "Vendor". Add a small photo and a little information about yourself or your shop. Giving buyers the opportunity to find out who is making these crafts, you make them more loyal to your store.

Evaluate your product

  • Before you start to sell your crafts, you have to calculate their price. The best way to determine the exact price of its products is to use this equation as like below formula: Work + materials + cost + profit = x2 = wholesale price retail price
  • Find out the cost of delivery of products to customers location. You have to make a table for customers, which specify the delivery cost for each of the goods.

Take quality photos

  • No matter how wonderful your product is, if the photos are of poor quality, it will not be in demand. Etsy allows adding five photos for a single product, so use them all.

Take photos of your product from different angles.

  • Use natural light to get high-quality images. Photograph your crafts on the street or near an open window. This will convey the true color and texture of your stuff.

Pick the right backdrop for your photos

  • Classic white background suitable for any product, but you can choose any background. Whatever pattern you choose, make sure it attracts the visitor's attention and distracts him from your product.

No need to spend money on expensive camera

  • If you use the above methods of design, the usual digital camera is what you need. If necessary, use a computer program to edit photos that have to edit the image to your liking and to increase their attractiveness.

Give a Detailed Account in Words of the Terms of Service.

  • It is important that you will be responsible when it comes to sales. Make your terms of service available for your store. For example: Do you accept an exchange or refund? Who is responsible if your item arrived damaged by the buyer? Do you have a waiting period before sending?

Add the appropriate Labels/tags. 

  • When you show your products for sale, you are given the option to add tags (labels) to describe them. They help when searching through Google or Etsy and direct visitors to your shop. You can add up to 13 tags and make better use of all 13 and not be content with little.

Specify the characteristics of the crafts in the tags.

  • If you make jewelry, create tags based on color, material, manufacturing process, style, size, and so on. Include as much specific tags as you can.

Extra Tips: Here you can boost your sale to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance of your store using specific terms. Instead of marking your product simply as "jewelry" is better to use the tag "handmade jewelry etc." This will help search term and increase the chances of your product to be in the top of the list.

Compose a business strategy.

  • In order to manage your business and to organize all the information in one place, write a business strategy. Make a detailed description of your business, competitive analysis of similar products, the development plan for your products, an overview of how you manage your business. The business plan needs to be done professionally, and it should include all the necessary information about your store.
  • Your business plan can be flexible - you are entitled to make adjustments whenever you want. A business plan will help you stay focused on your business goals.

How To Manage Your Etsy Store

  • Keep track of your sales. You'll have to make records of your sales and expenses. Always write on each item sold, the price of many goods sold and the total revenue from the sale. Then, at the end of each month you can take stock and see how your store is developed. Also, you can create graphs using the information you have gathered.
  • Promote your products on Etsy. You can advertise your product on Etsy. Promote your products, paying a fee of $ 7.00 that they are the first to show up in their search results. Comment posts on the official blog of Etsy, using the URL of your store. Connect with other shop owners, consult with them.
  • Promote your store on social media. It is nice to promote your products on Etsy, but you need to promote your products on all social medias it will guarantee the flow of visitors and shoppers. In order for your goods became known to the world, need to be promoted in social media frequently. Promote your store using social media platforms like; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

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  • Create a Facebook page for your store and update it regularly. You can put on the page information about new products, manufacturing process, or changes in the conditions of supply.
  • Create a blog on the topic of your business on Etsy or advertise your Etsy store on other popular blogs. Make a beautiful button to paste on site, which will lead to your store.
  • Use Pinterest account to upload photos of your products. The use of tags on this site will quickly find your products through the search.
  • Do discount whenever possible. If you want to get more customers to contact the owner of a popular blog, which is similar to the theme of your business. Present owner of the blog or make their product offer to all readers of the blog in exchange for a post about your product. This can build a large customer base and increase their business and income over the long period of time.

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Other Helpful Information About Your Store on Etsy

All items that you add to the store will be available for sale within 3 months. If you have 20 products for sale, try to set the first five or so, and then add one new product every couple of days and it helps you stay in the top positions of search results of Etsy and you can update the time the goods if he is not sold.

You should also aware the way of delivery, as there are two methods of delivery: by road and air. Of course air transportation is faster but more expensive. In this part of the shipping costs may be included in the cost of goods.

Most buyers pay through PayPal. Make an account on PayPal, Its is fast and secure. Have a Nice Business with Etsy.