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Types of Credit / Debit Cards - How to Get Prepaid VISA & MasterCard Cards

Nabeel Shoro


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Visa Inc. American multinational corporation for financial services. The head office is in San Francisco, California, USA. Visa is a global payment company that provides the ability to make money transfers around the world, most often with Visa's proprietary debit and credit cards. Visa Inc. was founded in 1976.

Visa Inc. provides financial centers with Visa corporate identity products, which they use to offer debit, credit, prepaid and cash access programs to their customers. Visa does not ensure the issuance of cards, the provision of loans or the establishment of tariffs and commissions for customers. One of Visa's branded payment products is well-known cards.

The volume of processed operations and the number of customers is impressive with an incredibly increased volume. In 2010, Visa Inc. a global network (known as VisaNet) processed 67 billion transfers for a total of $ 5.2 trillion.

Visa operates in Central and South America, the Caribbean, North America, the Asia-Pacific region, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, in more than 200 countries, people can use virtual currency instead of cash and checks. Since 1986 Visa Inc. was the worldwide sponsor of the Olympic Games and the only card that is accepted in all Olympic venues.

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Visa offers 3 types of cards: credit, debit and prepaid.

Credit cards
With Visa credit cards you can quickly, conveniently and safely make purchases, they give you the opportunity to pay bills, travel around the world and withdraw cash anywhere in the world. Cards are accepted in more than 200 countries.

In addition, the Visa card is widely used on the Internet. It meets all the necessary security requirements and enables its users to use a wide range of additional services.

Visa card is accepted in millions of outlets, so for credit cards, you will find a wide application, including restaurants and entertainment, paying bills, online books, music, movies, etc.

Debit cards
A Visa debit card helps its owner to make purchases, pay bills and buy on the Internet simply, quickly and reliably, as with credit cards. A Visa debit card is ideal for those who first encounter a payment card and who do not have a banking history. You can apply

A debit card, which is attached to a debit account, allows the holder to track the completed transfers, usually indicated in the bank's monthly report, as well as allow for better control of expenses.

Prepaid Cards
Visa issuer banks have the opportunity to offer prepaid Visa cards with prepaid limits to their customers. This type does not imply the presence of a constantly updated bank account and is usually intended for small daily purchases. Prepaid cards can be virtual, with a magnetic strip and with a built-in chip. As for the Virtual Visa card: it is a virtual card, designed exclusively for use on the Internet.

The first virtual card was released in 1999, in Kuwait. The virtual Visa card has its own number and the effective date. It can not be used in a regular store. on it, there are no features of the usual card, magnetic stripe, the trademark of the payment system and the place for the signature. Thus, a Virtual Visa card is an excellent addition to an existing debit or credit card Visa.

MasterCard is an international financial services corporation. The central office is in New York, USA. MasterCard Inc. was founded in 1966, now the service of electronic money transfers operates all over the world. MasterCard, inherently known as Master Charge.

The company was created from several banks in California. MasterCard's main business is to process payments between merchant banks and cards of issuing banks or credit communities of buyers that use proprietary "MasterCard" debit and credit cards to make purchases.

MasterCard Worldwide has been a public company since 2006. Mastercard is the sponsor of most world sporting events, such as the UEFA Champions League, the Canadian Hockey League Memorial Cup and many others.

From the first days of the existence of credit cards to wireless payment functions these days, MasterCard Worldwide has stimulated the industry by directing this evolution. Being in the center of commerce, MasterCard makes it easier, smoother, faster and more secure, introducing understanding and innovation in the payment process.

In 2001, MasterCard introduced new changes in the structure, which showed a new hope for the company. In 2002 MasterCard Worldwide merged with Europay International, which allowed creating a single global corporate structure. After the merger, the company became a private joint-stock corporation.

MasterCard also offers its customers debit, credit, and prepaid cards. They are divided into types, for example, standard, gold, platinum, worldwide credit MasterCards, gift cards or tourist cards.

MasterCard Worldwide continues to provide a unique mix of competence and the use of global resources used by the company in order to provide a quality product to users who choose MasterCard. MasterCard always brings innovation and a growing number of products/services.

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