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Web Hosting Solution For Small Business

Small businesses today are using a website or blog as an important marketing tool, and may even become a source of income. It seems logical that in order to have a great website, you need to develop your own website or have someone who is an expert to build a website for your business. But for those small business owners who want to make a website, in addition to the development of the site there are things you need to consider and right in the selection, ie choose where you put your website files are stored, or what is often referred to as web hosting.

A web host is a physical server and the service has to present your website to the internet. Just like building a website, some of the free like WordPress, if you build yourself up to a very expensive Likewise with web hosting can range from free and paid hosting. The difference between free web hosting and paid hosting are usually differ in the capacity of data / storage you need for your website, domain options, and various assorted other features are provided, such as email services, monitoring tools.

Finding the right web hosting solution can seem difficult and tiring because there are many options available. The key to identify the direction of your hosting site defines what you want to achieve with your website.

Here are some solutions to the selection of the right web hosting for those who are just starting to bring business into the world of the Internet, it is always best to first choose not to go wrong in choosing. Because you would know where your business will be taken. Hope it is useful.

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Web Hosting For Small Business


Free web hosting can be a very good choice for small businesses that are just getting into the arena of technology, especially the internet technology. Because they are free, web hosting platform can be an excellent way to learn about the construction and site selection. It also can be a good choice for a small company that just wants to maintain a blog or website to send their customers to simply know the company information.

Free web hosting means that your website will have your web host's name as part of your domain name, such as "www."  The free web hosting would normally use to advertise your site with banner ads or pop-up advertising them. Another obstacle may include limited or no support for technical support at all or limited security options.


There are different prices for web hosting to support your site directly. Most web hosting services there are presented with an affordable price and are more than sufficient to meet the needs of most small businesses. Web hosting at affordable prices is called shared hosting, which means that your website and the domain will be on the same server with other websites. This is sufficient for most small businesses and the average shared hosting is offered at a price that is affordable and efficient to keep your website always online and comes with some advanced features. Types of shared hosting services typically range in price from $ 45 to $ 100 per year. Included in this price are services such as web mail, technical support, and backup sites. There are many shared web hosting services that you can choose for your website. Shared web hosting also offers user friendly website development software to help make the entire solution. It is easy to manage your website.

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