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What Factors Make A Success Blog – Blogging Tips

What Factors Make A Success Blog – Blogging Tips

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The blogging is awesome and having a popular blog is no doubt one of the proud for a blogger. Success blog always attracts visitors to come again and again and will make the spirit continue to manage the blog. If you have a blog or website you surely work day and night to make your blog popular and what makes blogs so favored by many visitors.

Here Are The Characteristics and Criteria To Make A Success Blog Front Of Visitors. Consider the Following Explanation:

1. Template of your Blog

Template of your blog is like a building of your house. You really want to have a unique and beautiful building for your house. As same, your blog/website should be simple, unique and clean. Visitors love the blog template that is simple but has a style that is unique and interesting. The purpose of the blog is a simple template of easy to navigate and load faster.

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2. Create a blog with easy navigation

Create a menu navigation, label, and tag related articles. Navigation is the road to next visit to your next article by users. Navigation should be front of user’s eye so they can easily reach all blogs content. Here I would like to give an example of your computer’s Windows navigation system. Did you ever notice that it has very easy to navigate from one stuff to another. Try to make your blog as like as Windows, because it allows visitors to reach to the desired article. Try to set a search bar where users search any keyword related articles within your blog.

3. Too many Widgets in your blog layout

As I describe above, try to make your blog simple, so never use too many widgets. Visitors really like the blog with an array of widgets is neat and simple, so for those of you who have widgets that are still cluttered or irregular this will disturb the beauty of your blog and unwelcome visitors. One more thing I would like to share with you, too many widgets and plug-in make your blog slow in loading, so try to save visitors time and give them fast and simple blog.

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4. Unique and helpful articles

Always write something for visitors not for search engines. Creating articles related to visitor’s problem, try to solve their problems and guide them with right ways. The article must be useful and provide new information that has not been read by the visitors. If your blog is on different niche then you can use Google Trend to better know what the hot topics on the internet are. Try to catch those topics which have the hot trend on Google Trend.

5. Articles should be in simple Language

You are free to write any language for your blog but If your blog is in English language, then you should make it simple for those readers who have not English as their mother tongue. So write style should be simple but easy to understand.

6. Regular update your blog

This is very important factor to success blog to publish new articles regularly to engage visitors.  It can also bring new visitors every day. Try to make some info- graphic post. If social media user will share your articles, this will also make your blog more lively and crowded.

7. Direct communication with visitors

Your blog readers love that publisher who get in touch with users and give quick reply their comments. Try to reply each comment is a new field. More comments, means the better the position of your blog in front of visitors eyes and also for the search engines. You should answer all their questions, so your blog will be more visited.

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8. Placement of advertisements in your blog

The advertisement is the source of income for a publisher, but your visitors are the life of your blog so never disturbs your blog visitors with pop-up ads and floating ads. Blog visitors will often complain ads that disrupt mainly floating ads and pop ads. Do not force visitors to click on ads because this is your blog will get worse in the eyes of visitors as well as Google.

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