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What is a Cloud Hosting? How it Works

What is a Cloud Hosting? How it Works

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Cloud hosting is the latest and best form of hosting that is increasingly popular over time.

The main concept of cloud hosting is "Divide and Rule" which means that the resources needed to keep the website remains online, spread over more than one web server and will be allocated according to need. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of downtime when there is damage to the server.

Another noteworthy aspect of cloud hosting is that, it allows you to manage peak loads more easily, without facing the problem of shortage of bandwidth for other servers can provide additional resources.

This is possible because the website does not rely on only one server, but a cluster of servers that work together are referred to as "the cloud (Cloud Hosting)".

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Examples of Cloud Hosting

If you are looking for examples of who is already implementing cloud hosting, then Google will be the easiest example. The search engine Google put its resources to hundreds of cloud hosting.

This makes Google have never experienced downtime during the last decade.

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How Works Cloud Hosting

As described above, each server in the network cloud hosting has a set of specific tasks.

When there is interference on one server, then the other server will replace the failed server and provide the necessary resources.

The same thing happened in the case of overloading.

To ensure the good functioning of cloud hosting, high-quality server hardware needed to be able to perform various tasks.

Low-quality hardware will only negate the advantages of cloud hosting and it only increases the cost without the accompaniment of significant results.

Quality cloud hosting service providers must be able to provide reliable cloud services that should be able to go beyond what is offered by a dedicated server.

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Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Server

Factors that distinguish between cloud hosting with dedicated server is a matter of reliability.

Cloud hosting has a network server will have an "up-time" is better than a dedicated server that has only one server.

However, the benefit of cloud hosting is still to be redeemed at a higher price than a dedicated server.

However, for companies that require their website is always accessible, then cloud hosting will be the right choice.