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What is Best Reuse of Old Mobile Phones?

Trash the mobile phone in the trash bin is probably not the best of options for your lovely phone. Then what to do it? Surely, the first thing that comes to mind is to sell it. That would be the best utility or at least the most profitable. You could give your old cell when just exchange it for a more modern, latest mobile phone. Or you can donate it to someone who needs more than you. Or even deliver it to a recycling center but if that cell is like your lovely pet and you do not want misbehave with it.

Here I separated some ideas and tips for making it useful again. You do not need a chip, only an internet connection. Or maybe not even that.

Use your Old Mobile Phone as E-book Reader

There will be no need to buy the digital book reader from Amazon but your old smartphone can handle the basic functions of an e-book and all you need to do is download a specific application for this. There are many E-book Applications, like Moon +, Cool Reader or the Kindle app itself, available for iOS, Android or Windows Phone platforms.

Another advantage of the old phone as e-book helps save the battery of new smartphone on trips, for example, you avoid draining the battery of your new phone.

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You Can Set Your Old Phone as Safety Camera

Some good and reliable home security cameras are very expensive. It may be that you are not willing to buy a security camera for the house considering that an excessive expense. If you have a new phone, you can use the old for this purpose.

To play Media as Reproduce Its Content on the Larger Screen

An old smartphone can serve perfectly as an external hard drive to store your data like, videos, songs etc and with the appropriate cable (USB or HDMI) to connect it to a TV. This is just for cell phones with good memory capacity.

The Old Smartphone can also Use as Computer

Yes, your old cell phone can also be a computer, but not with a lot of memory. With a Wifi you can surf the Internet, access social networks and create text documents, in addition to playing, listening to music, etc. and did you know how to transform the old smartphone on a computer? Only you need to get a larger screen monitor and a keyboard to it. The first thing is simple because today there are many adapters available in the market to connect your phone to virtually any type of external monitor. And the second item can be achieved by purchasing a wireless keyboard and you can activate the phone's Bluetooth to connect to wireless keyboard.

So friends, Hope you will be happy with these tips, if you have any additional idea please share with us. Have a nice day!