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What is Importance of Hybrid Cloud - Why uses

Cloud computing plays an important role in the companies Information Technology Strategy and it’s very important in some cases. But the challenges in running a cloud infrastructure are huge.

Definition and Importance: Hybrid cloud environment is the combination of the public environment of IT companies - Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure, etc. - With private, which is usually set up and developed on demand in a data center. Public and private settings work of independent way and connect with each other when necessary. Thus, the data requiring security or privacy greater are hosted environment as the private data and systems that need to have their exposed part of data, such as a mobile application, for example, can use the cloud environment.

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Advantages: The most obvious benefit to uses a hybrid cloud environment is the part of data security, aImportance of Hybrid Cloud
s the company does not need to expose all of its systems or data for public access. Other important issues would be the performance and availability. Using part of your cloud environment in a private infrastructure, the connections do not need to go through the internet environment, which leaves a much faster connectivity for transactions requiring more security and performance, of course, with the processing power of a private data center.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage side is that it is still necessary to have all the concerns and safety procedures, especially in the public cloud layer. Then comes the factor of costs, because if companies have a small budget on IT will not have to pay for a hybrid infrastructure and resources needed for the administration of environments.

The use of hybrid cloud architecture has greater value in situations where security and exposure of sensitive data is an essential requirement for the company that needs to expose only part of your data to the internet. Because of this, many legal and financial systems use a hybrid architecture distinguished by its ability to transfer encrypted data between environments. Retail companies use private layer both for their safety both the processing power to analyze large amounts of data and then display this data in the public cloud.

Final Words: The hybrid cloud computing is a very effective strategy for companies that want to expose part of your data, but must continue to follow the strategy of security and privacy of your information. Despite the private cloud costs are high, especially with hardware; it allows IT managers have full control of the application processing use for private components of the architecture, making these components have the advantage of using the high processing company hardware.

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