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What is the Bounce Rate and How it Affects Search Engine Optimization?

In the world of search engines there are a lot of terms that can confuse us. One of these terms that make up the confusion for the user is the “Bounce rate“. Google statistics or any other statistics we have been involved with regard to the technical definition is a visitor who arrives at your website, see one page and then leave the site immediately. This is called high bounce rate. It’s not good for search engine static.

Therefore, this term can understand, the output Frequency rate is the total number of visits, only one page divided by the total number of visits to your website.

The high rate of echo “Bounce” is not what we want as developers and researchers in the field of SEO, because they show that visitors come to your site and then did not find what they were looking for and leave immediately. To remain competitive in the search engines, you’ll improve the ranking of your pages and also reduce the rate to less echo ratio possible.

There are some Site Bounce Rate possesses very high, but the time spent visiting the page is also very high, which tells the visitor has found that what really looking

Bad Bounce Rate are those that are at very high and the time spent visiting very low which indicates that the visitor did not find place or content related for his interest, also not looking for any one of the rest of the visitors.

On the other hand, the rate of bad bounce also can be when it reaches the actual time for the visitor on the site 0 or nearly so, it means that the visitor did not find originally what he read so quickly left and this is very bad for the owner of the site.

What is the High Bounce Rate

The Most Important Factors for the High Percentage of Bounce Rate

This is due to the increase in the rebound at the site to several factors, I will mention the most important factors and will try to concentrate on the most important solutions to it in the other post.

Site per page: If your site is a one-page search engine.

Implementation is not correct: if you are using a site statistics have to add code to the statistics in all the pages of the site until it is tracking visitor.

Website Design: Sometimes it may not be striking design to the attention of the visitor so you’ll focus on drawing the attention of users to other materials in your site helps reduce bounce rate.

Users’ Behavior: There are other factors that may be due to the behavior of the visitor only. For example, when the user saves the page of your site in bookmarks, and then to visit her, and then he leaves, it is also a bounce.

Hope you find this article best to understand Bounce Rate. after reading this article you surely want to decrease the bounce rate of your site.

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