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What you need to know about taxi service in Spain

What you need to know about taxi service in Spain

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Going on a trip, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the transport system of the country in which you plan to travel. After all, any situation leading to a violation, the travel plan can result in intangible losses of time and money. Therefore, it is so important to understand all major types of transport, especially such as taxis. Let's try to find out how the taxi service in Spain works.

Features of a taxi service in Spain.

Spain remains a fairly developed country, in which all EU standards apply. And this means that using the services of a taxi, you have the right to count on compliance with safety standards, a satisfactory condition of the car and the mandatory presence of a meter.

The regions of Spain have their specifics, therefore, you will find a more comfortable trip than anywhere else in all EU.

An official taxi driver's license is not cheap and you need to go through many bureaucratic procedures to get it, so most Spanish taxi drivers value their workplace and are unlikely to risk their permission for a couple of extra euros.

As in most European countries, you can use taxi services in the country by placing an order by phone or using a mobile application or simply by catching it on the street. You can also use the services of cars parked in special parking lots.

How to order a taxi in Spain

Walking through the streets of Spanish cities, you can see special taxi stands, which can be easily recognized by a blue rectangular sign with a white letter T. You can order a taxi directly at these stops, but certain rules must be observed.

Most importantly, always get in the car closest to the exit, as there is a sequence of drivers leaving the parking lot. If parking is not enough for everyone, then people with children, pregnant women, the elderly or disabled are the first to get into them.

You can catch a free car, as in most countries of the world, with a wave of your hand, but keep in mind that the driver is not entitled to pick up a passenger within a radius of 50 meters from the parking lot.

The fact that the car is free is signaled by a panel with a glowing green light and the sign on the roof of the car. Therefore, it would be most reasonable to book a transfer from the airport to the hotel in advance.

Finally, you can always ask to call you a car at the reception of your hotel: however, the reasonableness of the prices of the company whose services you are offered to use will remain solely on the conscience of the hotel staff.

Taxi rates in Spain

The cost of your trip will depend on many factors, among which the main ones are:

  • a region in which the trip takes place;
  • base rate;
  • distance;
  • Times of Day;
  • car class;
  • additional services (child car seat, luggage, etc.).

Sometimes you will have to pay extra for entry into the territory of airports, seaports, railway stations, and some other facilities. The cost of the trip can also increase due to standing in traffic jams.

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Useful Tips

As mentioned above, the loss of a license is a nightmare of taxi drivers, so there is no reason to expect obvious fraud from them because only one complaint from a passenger can cost them a career. 

The best way is to write your destination in large letters on a piece of paper (or a mobile phone screen) in advance and show the driver when landing. If you order a taxi in advance, for example, using the Taxi2Spain service that works perfectly in Spain, then such misunderstandings will not happen at all.

Taxi rules in Spain are quite liberal but stricter. You can stop the car on the road almost everywhere except airports, but smoking in the passenger compartment is strictly forbidden, and you have every right to refuse to get into the vehicle passenger compartment while intoxicated.


Spain has a developed and reliable taxi system. Using a taxi in Spain is practically safe, as their work is regulated by the state. Taxis operate at rates that are also determined by the state. However, they may vary slightly depending on the region. Besides, it should be noted that at night, as well as on holidays and weekends, tariffs are higher.

Keep in mind that not all taxi drivers in Spain speak English, so if you do not know Spanish, you should have a business card or address of your final destination with you. have a nice trip to Spain.