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Why do I need travel insurance
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Why do I need travel insurance

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Each vacation abroad begins with the collection of documents and registration of certificates. At the same time, it does not matter where the tourist is going - to Dubai or beyond the Arctic Circle. In the hustle and bustle of buying tickets, booking a hotel and arranging transport, it is important not to forget about the most important thing - medical insurance for traveling abroad.

Abnormal situations happen at all. Even on a regular weekly vacation, you can dislocate your leg, burn yourself with tea, or catch the flu. Applying for medical care in a foreign country requires some skill and (as a rule) an impressive amount of money. According to the legislation of many countries, they are obliged to pay for their treatment abroad. The insurance policy helps to avoid expenses in case of an emergency.

Such cases include:

  • forced hospital stay and hospitalization.
  • transfer of the victim to the nearest hospital or transportation to the country of residence.
  • fatal repatriation of the body

Where to buy an insurance policy for traveling abroad Today, travel insurance services are provided by most insurance companies accumulates their offers, allowing you to find out the most favorable prices for a specific request. For purchase, you can use online services (leave a request on the organization’s website), or come with a folder of necessary documents to the company’s office. In the first case, the insurance policy form is sent by e-mail, and you can print it yourself.

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Price and design details

The cost of a travel insurance policy consists of many factors.

  • Duration of stay in the country (the more days a tourist rests, the more he has to pay).
  • Traveler age (pensioners are forced to pay more due to the increased risk of illness and injury)
  • Country of residence (the cost of medical services in a particular country affects the cost of insurance)
  • Type of recreation (calm or active. For fans of extreme sports there are special insurance offers);

The average cost of insurance is about 1.5-2 USD per day of stay in the country. A more accurate calculation can be made using our online service.