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Why WordPress – What are the advantages?

WordPress is a wonderful script it deserves in many cases. When people think of WordPress, They consider it for writing scripts like any other but this is wrong.

The WordPress is not just a program for writing, but is the best free program for writing with many great features. The WordPress is simple and easy to use, we agree with this statement. However, due to its simplicity, it is open to all possibilities.

We have seen that WordPress is used in many ways and some of the major companies in the industry. It is a powerful tool with powerful features. We have compiled a few of the reasons behind the necessity to use Word Press, What are the ways in which it can use Word Press.

WordPress is an open source program

WordPress is an open source program, which means it’s free! It may be used by any person and without any cost.

Why do you want to pay an annual license to a company, while you can do the same thing with WordPress? There are many content management systems, which require licenses for each session, which means that you must pay them for each user uses. On the other hand, WordPress is free. It does not force the credit links in your site, but we choose to link because we appreciate it.


WordPress does not require you to be an expert in the computer in order to incorporate it in or use it on your website. And now, all the hosting services provide installation of WordPress with a single click from the control panel of website.

And not only is the installation feature, but WordPress is also really easy to use. You do not have to spend time and money to attend training classes, how to use WordPress and there are many articles for the education of users, such as those found on this site category of WordPress.

Support Theme

Never have a problem in finding the correct theme. The WordPress has a huge range of theme for free, and if you do not like the subject of free theme, then there are huge ranges of low cost theme for you. If you’re still not satisfied, there are many developers are ready to design your own custom theme.

Expanded Assistance Programs

WordPress has many programs to help you in making the WordPress Blog looks as you want and these programs can help to transform your dreams to reality. Most of the software is installed easily with one-click from the control panel.

Compliance with Standards

WordPress fully comply with the standards of W3C. This is important not only for the daily operation with the browser but also for compatibility with next-generation tools.

Easy Upgrades

Upgrade from previous versions of WordPress and other programs are easy. Has added a new feature in issuing new upgrade allows all of the features in WordPress with a single click.

Spam protection

WordPress comes with built-in tools such as an extremely powerful integrated blacklist and open proxy checker to manage and prevent spam comments on your blog.There is also a large amount of utility programs that you can use for extra protection for you website.

Full Registration for the User

WordPress has a built-in registration system for the user (by choice), which allows individuals to record and maintain profiles and leave comments on your blog. And you can close the comments to unregistered users optionally. And there are also programs that help you hide posts from users with a lower level.

Communication Links through Blogs to Search Engines

WordPress supports all standards Trackback and Pingback fully.It is the search engines services which tell Search Engines that blog has updated. You can aslo use manually pingback with http://pingomatic.com. Ping-o-Matric is also project of WordPress Foundation.

Bottom Lines

WordPress can be used in many different ways. It is open to all possibilities. And our website is not a blog, it is more than a Web site for business resources, and we’re running on WordPress.

Moreover, there are a huge amount of utility programs and other features that we have not covered in this post. If you have specific questions, please feel free to comments.

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