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Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting

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Website Design is such a great Idea to communicate with world and source of  income for web developers. Everyone wants to make a website. You know well that, to start a website, you need a domain and hosting. Surly you are going to make a website or a blog according your desire. If you are new in website design and still confused, what and how to choose a topic for website read this. If you decide your topic for your website and wiling to go with free web hosting, then you should read this post first.

There are many free platforms like BlogSpot, WordPress and typepad, but they coined many limitations.

In order for your website look more professional, highly recommended to use a paid web hosting. Why?

Avoid Free Web Hosting

Problems in Free Web Hosting

Because using free hosting does look no cost. However, if you want to be a serious blogger, get free hosting should not be used as a primary consideration.

Here are four important reasons why you should avoid using free web hosting?

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1. Free hosting providers could die at any moment

At any time, free hosting providers can shut down their free service.

They would have to send a notice before closing the service, but you still have to move all blog content to the new server.

One case which could be used as an example is Yahoo Geocities. They decided to close the service in April 2009.

When not back up the content, the user will lose the data forever as the closing of this service.

2. Blog free hosting can not be sold

Why is that? The reason is a blog on a free hosting deemed not belong to you.

For example, read the terms and conditions on blogspot, clearly written user can not sell, share, and transfer blogspot blog to others.

Here's the full sound:

3. Security is compromised

Free hosting service providers generally are not going to spend a lot of money on security issues.

A case can be used as an example is 2ip that offer free hosting services.

One time their servers hacked and suffered severe damage. At these events, user data may lose forever.

4. There is no control on server resources

Using free hosting means you do not have control over your blog server resources.

When increased traffic, blog loading time may be increased, thereby reducing the convenience of the reader.

Free web hosting services are used by millions of other users. When increase in traffic, you can not necessarily ask for additional bandwidth.

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As a blogger, it can be understood if you want to save money by using free web hosting.

However, whether to get paid web hosting services (premium) must spend a lot of money?

The answer is no. You can get a professional shared hosting service starting at $ 3.95 / month.

Here are some of the paid webs hosting providers that you can make as an alternative.