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Why You Should Join TEFL Programs in Spain

Do you want to be an English teacher with an official degree?

Do you want to work up to 30 hours a week on your own, earning from 15 Euros per hour?

Do you want to work in a sector where the demand for workers NEVER fails?

If you are interested or know someone who may have an interest in teacher training in order to have a decent job, you are in the right place.

Nowadays, learning foreign languages is an inescapable necessity for human beings, since the level of development achieved by the societies of the third millennium as a result of their economic and cultural integration demands the mastery of them. This linguistic reality imposes great challenges to the apprentices since in addition to the mastery of their mother tongue they must develop their communicative competence in a certain Foreign Language and in different communicative contexts.

The teaching of foreign languages is a complex process since it involves defining an appropriate methodology, a conception of language and the application of a didactic strategy that facilitates the learner's development of their linguistic abilities according to their communicative needs. In addition, the way of teaching foreign languages is related to the predominant linguistic approach, this means that there is a close relationship between the current linguistic theory and the methodology applied in the foreign language classroom.

For example, in some manuals of teaching English as a foreign language, we find guidelines where learners are asked to memorize linguistic structures, repeat long dialogues and try to imitate the accent of native speakers, activities typical of a structuralist - behavioral methodology, which conceives learning as a set of habits.

In the TEFL Madrid Academy, many young people and teenagers have had the opportunity to learn foreign languages in academies. In some way, the learning of foreign languages has developed constantly for various purposes. Let's see the following cases:

The need to learn English to work in a Call Center, a space where young people with English skills are required and an adequate development of language skills, specifically oral expression. Since during their educational period they will have the possibility of traveling to France to teach Spanish in middle schools, so they need an advanced knowledge of their Language Object of Study.

TEFL course Madrid Spain - Approved course that complies with the regulations of the TEFL courses.

If you want to be an English teacher with official qualifications, working up to 30 hours a week on your own, earning from 15 Euros an hour and employed within a sector where NEVER fails the demand for workers, this is the essential course for you. Join TEFL programs in Spain here.