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Why You Should Join TEFL Programs in Spain

In this post, we are reviewing TFEL Madrid Dot com, one of the best TEFL programs in Spain.




Do you want to be an English teacher with an official degree?

Do you want to work up to 30 hours a week on your own, earning from 15 Euros per hour?

Do you want to work in a sector where the demand for workers NEVER fails?

If you are interested or know someone who may have an interest in teacher training in order to have a decent job, you are in the right place.

Nowadays, learning foreign languages is an inescapable necessity for human beings, since the level of development achieved by the societies of the third millennium as a result of their economic and cultural integration demands the mastery of them. This linguistic reality imposes great challenges to the apprentices since in addition to the mastery of their mother tongue they must develop their communicative competence in a certain Foreign Language and in different communicative contexts.

The teaching of foreign languages is a complex process since it involves defining an appropriate methodology, a conception of language and the application of a didactic strategy that facilitates the learner’s development of their linguistic abilities according to their communicative needs. In addition, the way of teaching foreign languages is related to the predominant linguistic approach, this means that there is a close relationship between the current linguistic theory and the methodology applied in the foreign language classroom.

For example, in some manuals of teaching English as a foreign language, we find guidelines where learners are asked to memorize linguistic structures, repeat long dialogues and try to imitate the accent of native speakers, activities typical of a structuralist – behavioral methodology, which conceives learning as a set of habits.

In the TEFL Madrid Academy, many young people and teenagers have had the opportunity to learn foreign languages in academies. In some way, the learning of foreign languages has developed constantly for various purposes. Let’s see the following cases:

The need to learn English to work in a Call Center, a space where young people with English skills are required and an adequate development of language skills, specifically oral expression. Since during their educational period they will have the possibility of traveling to France to teach Spanish in middle schools, so they need an advanced knowledge of their Language Object of Study.

TEFL course Madrid Spain – Approved course that complies with the regulations of the TEFL courses.

If you want to be an English teacher with official qualifications, working up to 30 hours a week on your own, earning from 15 Euros an hour and employed within a sector where NEVER fails the demand for workers, this is the essential course for you. Join TEFL programs in Spain here.

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3 key Tips to Make Your Website User-friendly

Steve Jobs said that design is not only about how something looks or feels like, but also about how something works. A user-friendly design is very important if you want your users to navigate trouble-free on your page. Check out 3 tips to make a user-friendly website, and make your readers leave your site satisfied instead of frustrated.




Firstly, meet your target audience

To make something works well, you should know who you design it for. So, the first step in creating a user-friendly website is analyzing your target group. Ask yourself some questions referring to your readers, for example:

  • Why do they visit your page and what do they expect to find there?
  • In which circumstances do they visit your page?
  • What is the problem that your website can solve?
  • Who are your users? What’s the way they use an Internet?
  • Are they people with any disabilities?

A user-friendly design usually uses so-called Personas. They are 2-3 representatives of your target group and they can help you understand your users better. Describe your Personas as detailed as possible and then plan the page for the sake of their needs, lifestyles, and qualities. It will increase your chance of creating a highly user-friendly website.

Secondly, take care of UX best practices

The essence of so-called User Experience is to make the product as easy for users as possible. In case of web design, Usability means making your readers experience intuitive. It should be so seamless and problem-free for users that almost invisible. There are some best practices that will help you make your page intuitive. The list of basic tips includes, for example, what follows:

  • Name the elements of your page’s menus accurately to their content.
  • Add to your page a navigation bar. It will help your users stay oriented about their location on a page. It will also enable them to come back to any previous step of their web journey.
  • Make sure your page is responsive and looks good at any devices: smartphones, tablets, desktops.
  • Take care of your page load time. Check if there is no surplus of the website’s code and then make sure your page loads as fast as possible.
  • Do UX audits for your page regularly. Check the possible users’ journey and make sure there are no so-calls dead ends, for example.
  • Make sure there is a home button on your page. It is good to place it as a link under your logo. It helps users come back to the home page in case they get lost.
  • Keep a weather eye on how your website looks like. Make sure about the font readability, the usage of colors, the quality of graphics.

Thirdly, follow the trends

If you want to create a user-friendly website, be up to date with UX trends. If more and more pages use, for example, face recognition or gesture-based interactions, after some time these trends can become standards. Of course, sometimes it is not rational to keep up with the Joneses blindly. But, some trends can be related to your industry and not respecting them may be a sign of the backwardness of your brand. So, keep your finger on the heartbeat.

See also: How to cut PSD to HTML

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Amazing Andalusia Tour Guide & Its Good Services for Booking Taxi Marbella in Andalucia Tours

In this post, we are reviewing Tour Guide Andalusia & Its Good Services for Booking Taxi Marbella in Andalucia Tours. Please check out the best deal of taxi booking in bellow post.




Those who have never been to Andalusia, and only heard from friends about the beauty of this place in the south of Spain. The edge of sun and joy, magnificent nature and unusual man-made beauties will undoubtedly fascinate you and will not let go without a desire to visit it again.


From the first moments of the stay, the travelers are surprised by the positiveness and friendliness of the local population. Growing up under the rays of the southern sun Andalusians, absorbed his energy and cheerfulness, and therefore generously share it with their numerous guests. And the guests come to Andalusia a lot because there are really many opportunities for a variety of recreation.

Nobody is indifferent to the magnificent cities of the province: Seville, Granada, Malaga ( Marbella is its city visit once in your life) and Ronda and others, managing to harmoniously combine the precious heritage of the past and the rhythms of modern life. It is these cities that make up the so-called Heart of Andalusia and best characterize its unusually passionate and quivering temperament.

Surprisingly beautiful against the backdrop of the hills and valleys are the white villages of Andalusia, attracting the attention of tourists to tour in Taxi of Andalucia and admiring their unusual.

Andalucía Tours in taxi

Traveling along this edge, be sure to check at least one of them – each has its own charm. If you are looking for a good service for booking taxi Marbella in Andalucia tours or Malaga airport to Marbella, here is a good service for booking taxi Marbella in Andalucia tours.

The coast of Andalusia is ideal for beach holidays, and therefore its famous resorts from the Atlantic and from the Mediterranean Sea are never empty during the season. Small beaches in numerous coves near the cities are always filled with vacationers, so for a rest in peace, it is worthwhile to get out or rent yachts, and pleasure boats.
The city beaches are clean and equipped with everything necessary, and also have reputable fun on the water. Do not be bored and lovers of outdoor activities, come with or without children: water parks and entertainment centers, zoos and aquariums, a safari park and numerous protected areas guarantee a full and out of boring holiday at any time of the year. From the first spring months to the end of the harvest season, numerous festivals take place in the provinces.

Andalusia is famous for its splendid weather – sunny days on its territory are rarely replaced by foul weather, and even during the winter months, it offers tourists many interesting activities. Before the New Year holidays in the cities of the province, there are numerous sales, so that rest at this time can be successfully combined with a successful shopping.

Unforgettable experiences await the visitors to the unique mountain resort of Sierra Nevada – from December to April its slopes accept everyone who wants to go, and from the highest peaks, one can see the sunny beaches of the Costa del Sol. The resort pays much attention to the beginners: in addition to numerous special trails and instructors, there are also good services for booking the taxi from Malaga airport to Costa del Sol.

The tourist industry in Andalusia is thriving, and numerous hotels on the coastal resorts are always ready to welcome guests. Depending on the composition of the group, age, and interests, you can choose different places: near the beaches or from the historical part, on the outskirts or in the city center.

There is also an exotic tour booking taxi Marbella, allowing to combine accommodation with travel – train-hotel Al Andalus, which is often called a palace on wheels. With comfort and convenience, the tour participants visit all the important cities of the provinces and inspect most of the sights, enjoying in between gorgeous restaurant dishes and a pleasant stay in the tea rooms.

Rest in Andalusia is sure to please all members of the family because interesting activities can be found here for everyone. The charm of the ancient East and the energy of the modern West wonderfully intertwined in this wonderful corner of the world, and the chic nature and the dazzling sun only underline his magical aura.

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SSL certificate – make your website secure and don’t fall into Google’s disfavour




The year 2018 is marked by the safety of Internet users. SSL certificate will soon become Google’s ranking factor, but its possession will also be enforced by GDPR controls. Check how to make your website secure and not to expose your business to losses.

How to make your website secure with an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is an Internet protocol that encrypts the connection between the browser (your user) and your website server. After implementing the SSL certificate on your website, the HTTP protocol will turn into a secure HTTPS protocol. When connecting the browser and server, this protocol uses an AES key (for example 256-bit) to encrypt the data. Such an algorithm cannot be deciphered by hackers. This means that the data that the user sends to your website, e.g. credit card details, is fully protected and there is no risk of being stolen.

What threatens pages lacking HTTPS protocol?

Users can easily recognize if your site is secured with an SSL certificate and, as a result, whether the data they send is protected. They can get to know it by the address bar of your site. It starts with the HTTPS protocol, has an additional padlock icon on the left side of the address or is all marked in green.

Even if any of the users overlook the lack of SSL on your site, Google will eagerly remind them about it. Google announced that from July 2018, it will mark websites without HTTPS as Not Secure. This notification will be displayed to users before they enter your site. In this case, you are exposed to a decrease in Internet users’ trust in your site and, as a result, a drop in traffic. What’s important, SSL certificate will soon become an important Google’s ranking factor which means that secure websites will reach high positions and vice versa.

Do you think that’s everything? Nothing more wrong. In May 2018, the so-called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), will impose an obligation on websites that collect/process users’ personal data to secure such data with an SSL certificate. If you do not comply with the new law, you are threatened with high financial penalties.

What to remember when buying SSL?

Above all, take care of the confidentiality of your private key. You will get it in the package with the SSL certificate purchased, and it will be stored on the secure server of your site. Remember that if you disclose your private key to anyone, you increase the risk of breaking the encryption. The disclosure may occur, for example, in the situation of sending a private key by e-mail to your employee. When the private key is revealed, you will not be able to generate a new private key for the current SSL certificate. You will need to buy a new certificate.

Remember: After any encryption component has leaked, you must immediately revoke the certificates and keys, and then buy, generate and install them again.

When purchasing an SSL certificate, do research on the certification authorities that you want to buy the certificate from. In the history of the Internet, there were situations when some offices were thrown from browsers, and the SSL certificates issued by them were revoked. The company named Symantec and its products may serve as the most recent example of such situation. The company employees have sent clients’ private keys via e-mail. After this incident, Symantec’s clients were informed about the situation and warned that their SSL certificates would cease to be active within 24 hours.

Remember: Before choosing an institution that issues you with an SSL certificate, familiarize yourself with its history and reputation.

Be aware of possible implementation errors

You are already aware of threats more or less dependent on you. So, it’s time to make you sensitive to errors that may arise from technical omissions when implementing the certificate. For some of them, you may need an HTML help. The most common omissions when implementing SSL certificate include:

  • Forgetting about 301 redirects. After implementing the SSL certificate, you create a second version of the page. If you do not take care of redirects from the HTTP version to the HTTPS one, for Google it will be a signal that you have duplicated the content. And a duplicate content may sometimes impact search engine rankings. Negatively, of course.
  • Forgetting about page indexing. After implementing the SSL certificate, check if Google’s robots can see your HTTPS subpages. It may turn out that they are invisible to Google’s robots, and as a result – your subpages are not visible to users in the search results.
  • Forgetting about testing. After implementing SSL on your website, make sure that there are no gaps in the implementation. The tool that will help you verify this is, for example, The site will do the SSL implementation audit and will give you the appropriate rating. If it’s lower than A, you’ll get information on what needs to be corrected and how to do it.

The above errors are just a parcel of this, which is often overlooked when implementing SSL on the site. This is especially true of small websites that do it on their own and do not have access to professional support in this area. It is important, however, not to avoid using the help of IT companies offering HTML help. Especially that incorrect implementation of SSL may put your business at risk.

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