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Windows 10 New Features

Windows 10 New Features

Nabeel Shoro Windows 10
Windows 10 - it turns out Microsoft released Windows 10 as the successor to Windows 8! Not like previous conjecture is touted as Microsoft's Windows 9. But the decision to use the name of Windows 10 is right, because if use the name so similar to the same Windows 9 Windows 95 and Windows 98 is already old school. Windows 10 has been widely circulated on the internet.
Well President of the Windows say that Windows 10 is to combine the functionality of a desktop in Windows 7 with a look Cool on Windows. Well the most eagerly awaited Windows users older ya, Windows 10 is equipped with the hybrid Start Menu button that combines design with modern Windows 7 Aero UI of Windows 8. Which not only displays the desktop application but also there is the Mini Start Screen. Users can change the size of the Start menu.
In addition to the Start menu, the new feature offered by Windows 10 was Universal App or the Modern UI-based applications that can run a desktop environment like a regular application. Previous Modern UI-based applications can only be run through the Start Screen and can not be run on the desktop. This is a smart move by Microsoft because many users are not comfortable to be back and forth from the desktop to the Modern UI in Windows 8.
Multiple desktops are one of the outstanding features of Windows 10, called the Task View. In general, not much different virtual desktop in Mac OS X or Linux. Where users can switch from one desktop to another desktop by pressing CTRL + V. This feature can significantly improve multitasking.

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Why Not Used Name Windows 9?

There are users who admit Reddit Windows developers reveal technical reason why the name of the Windows 9 is not used and select the name of the Windows 10. These developers write some programming code that is the reason behind the naming of Windows 10. He says the name is used to identify himself.

If you use the name Windows 10 there will be no problem in identifying themselves. Meanwhile, when using the name Windows 9, the self-identification would be more difficult because Microsoft already has an operating system that uses similar names, the Windows 95 and Windows 98.

When is Windows 10 Released to Consumers?

Windows 10 is expected to reach or Consumer Preview Beta version in April 2015 when the event was held Microsoft Build Conference. Now estimated to ya, Windows 10 will be released to consumers in mid-2015 or at the end of 2015.  my guess anyway, Microsoft will release Windows 10 was around October or November 2015.

Release of DirectX 12 and Windows 10 Consumer Preview

Windows 10 operating system will certainly come with a standard DirectX 12 will bring an increase in the quality of graphics on games in the future that support these standards. Information on the presence of DirectX 12 in Windows 10 expressed directly by Bryan Langley of Microsoft through his blog posts. He said later will support DirectX 12. AMD Redeon how gan? Reportedly generation AMD Radeon GCN (Graphics Core Next) will also support DirectX 12's.
Microsoft revealed that the Windows 10 Consumer Preview will be released as early as 2015. The software giant from Redmond has also warned consumers who have downloaded the Technical Preview for Windows 10 is not used in everyday computing because it still has many flaws.
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