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You can try the 'Explore section' in the web version of Facebook

Nabeel Shoro

Facebook has recently introduced 'Explore Feed', a section that until now was exclusive to mobile app users. The social network has just announced that you can now 'explore' publications in the web version.
Thanks to this new feed, users will be able to find content that will be based on their tastes and preferences. This does not mean that it will replace the main feed, but it will be a kind of bonus in which prominent publications specially selected for us will appear.

Facebook wants you to spend more time on your website

To find it, we will simply have to go to the left sidebar, where it will appear under the name of 'Explore'. You will see it next to Events, Groups, Pages, Moments, saved items, etc.
The really interesting thing about this section is that it will not show us page publications or our friends. Instead, he will be in charge of recommending us articles, photographs, videos, etc. from sources we do not follow.

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The test phase of this section is over.

facebook will select these posts according to our 'like' or the type of content that is popular with our friends. Obviously, users are expected to spend more time on the social network and offer competition to platforms such as Flipboard.
This functionality takes several months of testing. At the beginning of the year, some users saw a rocket-shaped icon, creating a bit of confusion at first. Then the word "Explore" appeared, giving more meaning to this section.